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How does works? 


Catch domain is a new website, which allows you to register domains at the moment they are available to register. Hundreds of domains are available every day to register, as the payment deadline expires, and it may be that the first owners of these domains do not pay the renewal fee. And the domain becomes available to register. In this article you can learn more about the domain catching process Learn More.  



The domain is initially registered over a period of 1 to 20 years. Domains of this type are in a grace period where the registrar attempts to contact the owner, a period usually lasting 30-40 days. It can only be renewed by the original owner during this time and is not available for a new owner. A domain not renewed by the owner that is scheduled for deletion from the registry is a dropping domain. Once a domain is dropped from the registry, anyone can buy it, such as through a drop catching service. A deleted domain has been dropped from the registry, and catch domain tends to register it in milliseconds, it depends on the domain registrars, how many attempts you can make per second, or per minute.  


CatchDomain is a website which registers domains when they are available, at the moment when the domain expires and they are available to register. CatchDomain catch domains automatically without the need for any software on your computer. The system is very easy and convenient for users to use.

CatchDomain is not a domain registrar the whole system works using API, so we use APIs from 7 domain registrars to catch your domain. While our system is built to catch domains in milliseconds when domain is available.
We do not have access to your domains that you register, you in the catch domain pay only for the service that we offer for domain catching. CatchDomain website uses 7 domain APIs to catch domains when they are available to catch domains.     


Which domain extensions are supported by, or which tld can we catch?  


It depends on the registrar domain, you need to look at each registrar domain which tld it supports. So in you can catch any domain extension or tld domain. 


1. Namesilo - The Namesilo API works to catch domains when they are only available from 19:45 to 21:45 local European time. You must have funds in your account.
2. Dynadot - Works at any time - You must have funds in your account.
3. - Works at any time. - You must have funds in your account.
4. - Works at any time. - You must have funds in your account.
5. - Works at any time. - You must have funds in your account.
6. - Works at any time. - You must have funds in your account.
7. - Works at any time. - You must have funds in your account.     


To use the Namecheap API you should meet one of the following requirements: - have at least 20 domains under your account;
- have at least $50 on your account balance;
- have at least $50 spent within the last 2 years If you meet these criteria, then you can use the namecheap API, but to catch domains you must first have funds in your account. Depending on the domain extensions you catch.

To use the API, you must first have a reseller account, as to use the Enom API you are required to use a username and password, which are encrypted in, To have a reseller account at, you have to pay 50$ fee to access the reseller account, then you have to put funds in your reseller account, to use, because if you do not have enough funds in enom reseller your account, you can not catch domains.     


Username is required for Namecheap, Enom and 


CatchDomain also has the Schedule Time option you have the option of on what date, on what day, at what time you want to start the catching to catch your domain. 


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